Professional Timeline

(acting CTO)

Opulen Technologies

Betfair Romania

3Pillar Global

Technical University
of Cluj Napoca

Head of DevOps

MyCointainer OÜ, an Estonian company, founded in 2018 with a main objective to make staking more accessible for all crypto users.

My initial responsibilities were to design and develop a platform that brings coin developers and node users to the same place.

A few months later, we started to expand, maintain and monitor the company’s reward generator, company own staking nodes. This challenge was giving me the boost to gain expertise for the new features and implementation technics added in the blockchain space. Experience that is crucial in company platform, where “one size fits all” scenario doesn’t work. This responsibility allowed us to start having our own server clusters in 3 datacenters and expand the teams.

As architect (acting as CTO on B2B), I was managing 2 development teams and a DevOps team, with one main goal: to develop, maintain and improve company platform and services offered to company business and customers. I’m working with top technologies and skilled colleagues to deliver a stable and reliable product. In collaboration with other teams, we ensure that we meet requirements for new business campaigns or compliance.

Chief Technology Officer

Opulen Technologies is a Florida startup company (2019) in the blockchain space. A generalized mining company focused on returning compound interest.My role of a technical and development supervisor and board member in this cryptocurrency generalized mining company was to improve network infrastructure efficiency based on the technologies used, solutions, budgets, costs and revenue estimation. Challenges were raised daily, in a very high trending market, and it required adapting services to new concepts, ideas, protocols and so on.

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer

Betfair Romania Development is a part of the Paddy Power Betfair plc group with its main activity in online gambling.

I was a part of an Infrastructure Engineering team, spread in 3 locations and we maintained the whole compute, virtualization, OS in the old infrastructure, storages and closely collaborated with Networks and the Datacenter team.

Main responsibilities:
–           Check infrastructure alerts, react or be proactive 
–           Resolve all infrastructure incidents according to SLA
–           Manage and maintain infrastructure services
–           Schedule, implement, support and supervise production changes
–           Debug OS, application and networking connectivity, hardware weird behavior, automation malfunction
–           Provision VMs/LUNs/Volumes
–           KPI on all infrastructure components, analyses, mitigate the issue
–           Post incident review – involved in finding the root cause, taking actions for the issues on the infrastructure side.
–           OnCalls for high incidents over working hours (24/7 for one week once a month)
–           Propose infrastructure updates to keep performance at the required parameters
–           Project involvement: propose solutions, implement and drive projects from day 0 to the D-day
–           Support for other teams in the company to agree on the best solution for their application
–           Drive the operational meeting in the team
–           Drive sessions in the team for sharing knowledge/procedure/known issue between the team members and not only for the technologies that we use
–           Jump in major incidents in the company to support from the infrastructure side

Infrastructure footprint:
–            8 Data centers
–            2000+ physical servers
–            27.000+ VMs
–            15 storage units
–            80% fully automated
–           Over 15.000 VMs redeployed monthly

Sr Automation Engineer

3 Pillar Global is a multinational company with its main activity being outsourcing software development.

I was part of one of the biggest teams in the company that was dedicated to testing network security appliances.

My role in the team was to add new features to the automated testing framework and, later, to automate the deployment of environments required for the QA teams to run the tests.

Main responsibilities:

  • Deliver requests on time (agile, sprints)
  • Write technical papers for all the work done
  • Understand the technical documents about the changes in the product’s design and development
  • Amend the automated deployment process to support latest product’s releases
  • Support the QA team to understand each appliance’s role in the infrastructure
  • Maintain pods and pfSense estate.

I held an “Introduction in Networks – Basics” course for the whole team.

Infrastructure footprint:
–            4 Data centers
–            50+ physical servers
–            10.000+ VMs
–            1000+ pods
–           80% fully automated

System Administrator 

Maintaining the network of over 3000 PC and 80 servers.

My main role was to maintain the email server. I also configured and maintained all network infrastructure, online services based on full Linux servers (Debian/Ubuntu) and solved any issues that could affect the 24/7 services.

Infrastructure footprint:
–            30 physical servers
–            120 VMs
–            70 Cisco devices
–            3000+ workstation